Leo Ulph (Wake Up Leo) - Erim is one person that you'd undoubtedly wish to be involved in your musical endeavours. Whether from a performance, technical, creative, engineering or teaching perspective; every project is treated with care, technical ability and a friendly attitude. Couple that with phenomenal musicianship; spanning all manner of instruments/styles and both passion and enthusiasm, Erim is genuinely THE man for anything that you could possibly imagine in relation to music! 


Bryan B (The Salvador Darlings) - Erim is a very talented musician and producer who very quickly picks up on melodies. His creative streak adds to the studio and live performances and his energy is contagious. He's very committed to his music and it's a pleasure to be a part of his commitment to music.
LollyFoxx/ Maria-Emma (CANDYFLUXX) - I have worked with Erim on a few photoshoots and each time it has always been such a pleasure. He is incredibly easy to work with and dedicated. The passion and determination he has towards his musical work is inspiring and he is very talented at what he does! Such a lovely soul! 
Andrew Pay (Seten Audio books) - Has composed a number of outstanding pieces, one of which i believe to be one of the greatest ever composed by humanity. 
Total Rock Radio (In regards to M.I.N.D winning unsigned band of the year) - This band simply BLEW OUR MINDS!!!
Haych Sane - Ive had one session with Erim so far and the amount of time he spent before and after the session was crazy. He took a song that i had lost passion in performing and brought back the passion and emotion i had in the song with his great arrangement