27!!!!! Its my golden year


I'm 27 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well and truly beyond youth now, but im glad people are still like, "Mate you is like 23 yeah". Hopefully my healthy lifestyle (BOOZE EVERY WEEKEND), is going to help me stay looking great. Though saying that, in general I do live off of a diet of vegetables, chicken and am pretty active :P. So yeah thank-you to all those who made my birthday awesome, it was really good fun. We went out Friday to my old uni bar, trampolining during the day Saturday with around 4 hours sleep at tops T=then following this, we went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden to their propaganda night which was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Sunday a lovely meal with mine and my girlfriends family. So overall, my birthday was great :D.





So this week due to the birthday there are not so many updates, but still a few good ones to note. I have had my dear friend Ellie Hall recording Girls just wanna have fun in a minor key, so should hopefully have a video to put out on Wednesday as well. Just so you guys know every we will have a video out every week on a Wednesday night, hopefully of artist recordings or something of interest with works from the previous week or so. So yeah, Ellies song will be completed soon and a video out for that. This Wednesday 02/03/2016, we published Joe singing Mack the knife, he's a top singer, please check his stuff out :). Other updates, Minister have auditioned a drummer, and he was fantastic, A really top drummer and top guy so can’t wait to be working with them again more soon :). Other than that the show with WAKE UP LEO THIS FRIDAY 11/03/2016 is getting very close and I am so excited to be playing. If you are local to New Cross or fancy seeing me going mental on the keys, please come down and see us :). Furthermore I have had some awesome photos done by the amazing CANDYFLUX, check them out on the media page. 




Fun Fact


So as we know the fun fact section is something that I have learnt recently, and here’s one that really stood out to me for this week. Apparently there is a time travelling tunnel in China, where if you go through, your clock goes back by roughly an hour or so? How amazingly weird is that… But yeah check out the video as it sounds mental and I wonder how true or what the story is behind this.




Song of the Month March


This has to go to Jason Derulo Song: GET UGLY, just because bibley bible bible bop makes me laugh ;). It isn't what i'm normally into but I really do love this tune, so nice one Mr Derulo




Erims Moments



So for my birthday I went giant trampolining, which was pretty fun. One of the things they had was similar to the Duel event from Gladiators where 2 of you would stand on a large podium thing and try and knock each other off. Me and my dear friend Shaun got a bit carried away and I run at him full force to try and take him down. Little to my knowledge, there was a child underneath us..... and we just narrowly avoided destroying the poor lil guy


And thats it for this blog, please if you can come and see Wake up leo at the Amersham Arms, the link is below. Much love guys, PEACE!!!!!!!