The days have been busy and FULL OF MUSIC

The days have been busy and FULL OF MUSIC

The days have been busy and FULL OF MUSIC

Hi Folks again, here we are with my blog, and also my first VLOG for the headphones on microphone in series of vlog/blogs, so will include the link to the youtube channel HERE!!!

So what’s been happening in these extremely busy last few weeks?

so as previously discussed WAKE UP LEO have now played the gig at the Amersham Arms, you can check out our video of Nowhere to go HERE! The show was great fun, we had a nice little crowd who again responded to our songs amazingly. The whole band are very excited to be playing our upcoming festivals in the next few months, it looks like the band is really making some great headway, and we have some new music on its way as well. Will post some sneak previews as and when I can. 



I have also had a couple of new videos come out: Secret love song by GRAND PA and also, probably my favourite piece of production of recent times: DIAMONDS AND PEARLS by the amazing TOM ROVERY. This song i have known about for a while and Tom asked me to do my own take on this piece he and Redwood Falls originally wrote, and safe to say its been very well received. 



For this song I really put my new soft synth through its paces. I recently bought the amazing OMNISPHERE, check out a demo of its sounds HERE. Honestly the ambient sounds on this are amazing, and also some very useful EDM presets as well, can’t wait to use this further. 

In the near future THE SALVADOR DARLINGS will be having their first debut show at THE ISLINGTON, so we are very excited for that (CLICK FOR DETAILS). We’ve had some great rehearsals and now is the time for us to get into the live scene. 





Generally I wouldn’t make this music related, but I have recently discovered that there are actually mice that cost over 13,000 US DOLLARS. What the actual hell, I mean I know microphones can get expensive, but seriously!?!?!?!?! I mean I have some mics that cost a few hundred, such as my blue reactor. I know its a great mic, maybe not the best, but still turns in a great performance. What more do you get for the extra 12,000 dollars? Interested in seeing this thing (The Neumann Solution D Large Diaphragm Digital Microphone), please click HERE!





The song of the blog for this episode/ series or whatever you call it has to go to PAULO NUTINIS IRON SKY. It is rare I hear a song convey so much emotion and power so well. Not normally into his stuff, I think this song is just exceptional, and also the sampled Charlie Chaplin Quote, just makes this song unbelievable. Considering what is happening in the world at this time, I feel this song is very relevant. PAULO NUTINI IRON SKY, check it out HERE!!!!




This episodes moments, has to be almost in tribute to the late great Johan Cruyff. One of the true greats, and someone I try to emulate when i play football, however instead of looking elegant and stylish, i normally end up on the floor. Last weeks game in fact, i’m pretty sure I spent more time on the floor than I did on my feet. Might have looked something like THIS!!!!!



Thats all for this week folks, I leave you with a fond farewell, and thank-you for your time reading this and watching my videos. All the best :D xoxox

ERIMS Moments

This blogs moment has to be when i was playing football, i think i spent more time on the floor than i did actually playing, every shot would go wide or i would just fall over. so basically like this




27!!!!! Its my golden year


I'm 27 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well and truly beyond youth now, but im glad people are still like, "Mate you is like 23 yeah". Hopefully my healthy lifestyle (BOOZE EVERY WEEKEND), is going to help me stay looking great. Though saying that, in general I do live off of a diet of vegetables, chicken and am pretty active :P. So yeah thank-you to all those who made my birthday awesome, it was really good fun. We went out Friday to my old uni bar, trampolining during the day Saturday with around 4 hours sleep at tops T=then following this, we went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden to their propaganda night which was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Sunday a lovely meal with mine and my girlfriends family. So overall, my birthday was great :D.





So this week due to the birthday there are not so many updates, but still a few good ones to note. I have had my dear friend Ellie Hall recording Girls just wanna have fun in a minor key, so should hopefully have a video to put out on Wednesday as well. Just so you guys know every we will have a video out every week on a Wednesday night, hopefully of artist recordings or something of interest with works from the previous week or so. So yeah, Ellies song will be completed soon and a video out for that. This Wednesday 02/03/2016, we published Joe singing Mack the knife, he's a top singer, please check his stuff out :). Other updates, Minister have auditioned a drummer, and he was fantastic, A really top drummer and top guy so can’t wait to be working with them again more soon :). Other than that the show with WAKE UP LEO THIS FRIDAY 11/03/2016 is getting very close and I am so excited to be playing. If you are local to New Cross or fancy seeing me going mental on the keys, please come down and see us :). Furthermore I have had some awesome photos done by the amazing CANDYFLUX, check them out on the media page. 




Fun Fact


So as we know the fun fact section is something that I have learnt recently, and here’s one that really stood out to me for this week. Apparently there is a time travelling tunnel in China, where if you go through, your clock goes back by roughly an hour or so? How amazingly weird is that… But yeah check out the video as it sounds mental and I wonder how true or what the story is behind this.




Song of the Month March


This has to go to Jason Derulo Song: GET UGLY, just because bibley bible bible bop makes me laugh ;). It isn't what i'm normally into but I really do love this tune, so nice one Mr Derulo




Erims Moments



So for my birthday I went giant trampolining, which was pretty fun. One of the things they had was similar to the Duel event from Gladiators where 2 of you would stand on a large podium thing and try and knock each other off. Me and my dear friend Shaun got a bit carried away and I run at him full force to try and take him down. Little to my knowledge, there was a child underneath us..... and we just narrowly avoided destroying the poor lil guy


And thats it for this blog, please if you can come and see Wake up leo at the Amersham Arms, the link is below. Much love guys, PEACE!!!!!!!

LETS GO: Finally Website Created and a Massive Hello :)



Please note that this blog has clickable links in bold to create a more interactive experience


Hello and welcome, finally after a long time of waiting my website is HERE!!!!!!!! and with this comes my first ever blog. This will be filled with some lovely updates of what I’m doing musically, stuff I learn throughout this amazing music journey and also general antics I get up to, so please expect some horrid stories of me accidentally setting things on fire and acting like a child (Professional by musician standards)





UPDATES, so as said above, NEW SITE.  have also left my job working for the Antiques Trade Gazette to give myself more time to work on music projects as unfortunately I was unable to really practice with the business of recordings and also South Eastern being a fantastic train service and consistently making my life hell. I am no going to be woking back for The London Borough Of Bexley helping children with special educational needs (More my background than the sales job as it will be genuinely helping people). 




Music updates: We have had some great news as WAKE UP LEO has been confirmed for the Livestock Music Festival based in Longdon. This is the first festival I have played since Playing Portugal with my old prig metal band MIND. We are hoping to announce some other big updates and gigs soon with both WAKE UP LEO and THE SALVADOR DARLINGS.  This is going to be a very exciting year for us and for me as musically, LOTS is taking up for myself and for my bands. 

 Click above to see the Wake Up Leo music video: Friends

Click above to see the Wake Up Leo music video: Friends


Song Of The Month


This Months song of the Month has to go to FOSTER THE PEOPLE: HELENA BEATS. 


The reason behind this is that I am looking at buying a new mac soon and was checking out logic x on the I macs. When this loads up it happens to also be the default track that logic loads. Fair to say I had a moment, looked at the person having a quite chat next to me, and thought, sod them, I LOVE THIS SONG. Turned the mac up pretty loud played the song, and got a great dirty look. Do I care, this song is amazing, the synths are a particular highlight, and I just feel the song really is a perfect summer tune for me. It reminds me of seeing them 3 times at Reading festival with this song probably being my fav. As you may have guessed, i am a massive synth fan and those distorted lead sounds are stunning :). 


Fun Fact


This months fun fact I have learnt, extremely painfully, is that Manchester United (Yes i’m a fan, it could be worse though, I COULD SUPPORT CHELSEA!!!!!), are legitimately awful. I thought this new Mr Louis Van Gaal was fantastic at first. I love his approach and how he talks in press conferences, but when it comes to playing the game, I turned the TV on half way through when we played that Midgetland team, and after about 20 mins, I just walked off. I would have rather have been re writing my dissertation again than watch what is quite frankly BORING FOOTBALL. So yes fun fact MAN UTD SUCK



Erims Blonde Moments


This months blonde moment, was deffo when I tried to make French Toast the How To Basic way. Safe to say, it didn’t work.